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Protect the culture of tea. Protect the historical heritage.

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Authenticity is always unique and unrepeatable.


Our Matcha is loaded with traditional and cultural value. Its elaboration is truly careful and respectful of its heritage in all aspects of its production.

We are proud to be able to learn every day about the historical and cultural background of Japanese tea, and contribute to protecting its production sites and the environment in the age of globalization.


We sincerely consider our efforts toward a sustainable society.

抹茶, スーパーフード, エナジーブースト, マインドフルネス, いつまでも若々しく, 有機


The fields where our teas grown are totally organic. An example of this is Haruno-cho in Hamamatsu where pesticide-free cultivation throughout the region has been the commitment for more than 20 years.
The care of tea leaves, the careful handling of the soil and the ideal climatic conditions, added to the experience of the tea masters, result in a unique, exceptional green tea.
Our tea leaves go through a strict certification examination in order to obtain the JAS organic seal.
Our teas are made in locations that have acquired the FSSC international certification standard.

抹茶, スーパーフード, エナジーブースト, マインドフルネス, いつまでも若々しく, 有機
マッチャカオリ, 抹茶, オーガニック抹茶を, スーパーフード, オーガニック, エナジーブースト, マインドフルネス


The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen means constant and progressive improvement, affirms that our way of life is so valuable that it deserves to be constantly improved.


In this way our mission is to improve our products and services to meet the needs of our customers, allowing us to prosper as a company.


Customer Satisfaction

First for Matcha Kaori is customer satisfaction. Our products and services must exceed the needs and expectations of our customers in all areas of quality, costs, delivery and time. The goal is to achieve greater value to the product.



Process Improvement

All work is the result of a process. Matcha Kaori focuses on this process until it is understood, managed and executed. When the process is understood, it can be continuously improved.




People have the greatest importance, they are the main source of the best development of processes and life in Kaizen.


We value the dedication, knowledge and creativity of men and women. We all have the ability to contribute to our mission of constant improvement.


We emphasize cooperation and communication among all the people in our team. This respect and coordination between the departments results in products and services that exceed the expectations of the clients.



Action Based on Facts

A culture of total quality that is based on decisions in a compilation of the concrete data and in a thorough analysis of them. It is essential to have the right information to understand and improve the work process.

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