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Matcha is rich in theanine, a type of amino acid.
This theanine is the source of the umami ingredient.
Theanine calms nerve cells in the brain and relieves tension,
It is recognized to improve concentration and memory.
Matcha also contains caffeine, but theanine relieves the excitatory action of caffeine's central nervous system. In recent years, it has been reported that drinking tea activates the function of the brain, improves cognition and has the effect of preventing aging.

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The Theanine Effect



Anti Aging Upshot

Matcha helps keep your skin youthful. Exposure to UV rays causes the skin to become inflamed, triggering skin damage such as wrinkles and age spots, and may also cause cancer.
Matcha contains minerals, C vitamin, B vitamin and coenzyme Q10, which is known to be effective for beautiful skin.


Stress Crusher

It's been said for a long time that drinking tea makes you feel relieved. It has been confirmed that this is due to L-theanine contained in tea. Matcha in particular contains a lot of theanine!

Relax your nerves by taking L-theanine.


Matcha, mindfulness. Take a deep breath and let it go!


"Now, this moment" is yours.

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Highest Antioxidants Foods


Catechin (tannin) contained in matcha is a kind of polyphenol.
Among them, epigallocatechin galley (EGCG) accounts for half of all catechins. Recent research has shown that there are various excellent features here. Of particular interest is its high antioxidant activity. Eliminates active oxygen.
In addition, anti-cancer effect, suppression of increase in blood pressure / blood sugar / LDL cholesterol, antibacterial / antiviral effect, etc.


Matcha is an indispensable tea in our lives!

ORAC units per gram 
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Three major ingredients of Matcha: Catechin, Theanine and Caffeine.

In terms of taste, catechin is mainly astringent, theanine is umami, and caffeine is bitter. High-quality matcha contains a lot of theanine (umami). It is known that the action of caffeine is moderated by taking theanine and caffeine at the same time.

Matcha has increased awareness regarding the benefits to heath that Japanese green tea provides, not only to the body, but to the mind and spirit.

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As much research is being done on catechin, the main component of tea, it is becoming clear that catechin has the effect of burning body fat efficiently and preventing metabolic syndrome (visceral fat syndrome). It is estimated that as a result of hindering the decomposition of sugars such as starch and suppressing the absorption as glucose, the amount of sugar accumulated in the body is reduced, resulting in a decrease in fat, and as a result, obesity is prevented.


It has been shown that green tea extract or catechins suppress the growth of AIDS virus and influenza virus. In the future, we expect research results and effects against various viruses that threaten us.

In addition, despite the complexity of the etiology, many research results on the cancer prevention and anticancer effects of catechin have been reported in Japan and overseas.


Suppresses LDL cholesterol elevation


Suppress the rise in blood sugar

Suppression of aging (anti-aging)

Supplement vitamins and minerals

Rich in dietary fiber, activates intestinal function

Cancer prevention / anti-cancer effect

Anti-aging of the brain

Strong antioxidant effect

Immune function improvement

Antibacterial and antiviral effects

Anti-allergic effect

Prevention of metabolic syndrome

Increase energy and vitality

Improve concentration

Lower stress levels

Relaxing effect

Rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg)



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